Please Think
The natural world offers so much if we can be bothered to search for it. We have found technological marvels buried in the microscopic structures of ordinary elements. We have seen distant events from off world vantage points and believe we can see the scale of our universe.

I am older and my mental powers are weaker now but I sit in a place where I can see so much more than I have ever seen before. The visions which I can feel and the objectivity which I can still bring to bear on them make my aged experiences more valid for me than anything I have ever experienced. Yet if we can’t contribute to a brighter future for our descendants, a better place for them to start from so they can go further than we could have gone; what value is our existence, what is the value of learning?

What can my contribution be now? Maybe all I can do is to wish that people are able to think objectively, logically and carefully. Is that enough?

Young people who accept a technological world without thinking are doing themselves a disservice. How and Why and What; they might ask, but sadly many of them don’t. They become users and not thinkers. They become watchers and not observers. They listen but they don’t hear what is said. They don’t see the world which exists behind the façade which has been created for them. They are manipulated by a world which has been created without thought, by people who can only see themselves in the vastness of the universe.

Thinking could break down these false constructs and let truth, knowledge, wisdom and the growth of humanity prevail. I can’t know what will face those who are to follow but I can know that thinking will help them to create something which is real rather than false. Thinking can help an individual to ask some very fundamental questions. Are we to be constrained by unproven and fanciful human beliefs forever? Does everyone have to work in order to live or should they work to live a fulfilling life. What does fair and just really mean? There are very many fundamental questions which need thinking about but it is in the interest of a few to ignore them.

I can’t shout very loud because I am hardly visible, but please, those of you who are to follow; please:

John L Gordon