Try to find others who have a similar interest to your interest and talk to them and show each other your latest progress. Share ideas with others and always help others if you can. You learn so much more by helping others to overcome their difficulties.
Remember, this is your interest and you are not competing with anyone else. You might think for instance, what is the point of building a very simple robot when you can easily buy more complicated and better ones? See if you still think that when you have successfully built your first simple robot or drawn your first picture, written your first poem etc.
Doing things yourself is immeasurably better than just getting something which is already done. AND the main thing is that you will have learned so much by doing it.
When you need help with something, look for help. You are almost certain to remember the answers you get when you are confronting a problem or obstacle which someone else is helping you to overcome. Problems and obstacles are the best part of an interest. Don’t waste them, think very hard about them.
How to do things
I would like to pursue my interest but what should I do?
You might want to build a simple robot and so you will need to find out how to do that and what parts you need. Then you will need to learn how to make the parts etc. So a goal is important. You will find that building even a simple robot means finding out how to do very many things; but that is the whole point, you are learning.
The web sites linked on the interests page (and on the making page) provide lots of information and some even explain what you can do. But for any interest you need to set some goal.
If you want to write or draw for instance, you need to have a first goal, then a next goal and then further goals. Each time your new goals will be more difficult than the previous one. You might need to ask someone what sort of first goal you should have. Even if you already have a very big goal, try some smaller ones first so that you can finish things and see if you are happy with them.
You are likely to make lots of mistakes or do things which you are not happy with. Don’t give up, try again. The most successful people are those who don’t give up and keep trying. The most successful people are also the ones who have made lots of mistakes before they eventually get it right.