Doing Things
Here are some idea of things which you might find interesting and some links to explore them.
Interest Link
Astronomy Royal Astronomical Society
The night sky is awe inspiring. The BBC’s Sky at Night
Botany Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland
Are you really interested in plants?
Walking and Exploring Walking Britain
We are UK based but the world is waiting.
Computer Programming Raspberry PI
The Raspberry PI might be a good start.
Maths Better Explained
Get a better explanation - it might help.
Art Art Explained and Made Simple
Art is for doing - but it can be explained. Art Techniques
Writing Creative Writing Now
Writing stories, books, poetry etc.
History The BBC History resource
Get to know about real history Access historical documents (British)
Science Science Kids
Science Experiments and more
WikiHow might be a helpful source for many existing and new interests. How to make your own clothes for instance is covered there along with very many other topics. REMEMBER however that these articles are put there by people and are not guaranteed to be correct. So don’t do anything if it looks dangerous and maybe ask for help as well as using the information provided. Also, the site contains a lot of adverts so be careful where you click. After saying all that however, it is a valuable source of information. Caution is always recommended when using internet sources, even this one. There is no substitute for good thinking, so think as well as research.