Improve your thinking
Does a heavy weight on a string always point to the centre of the earth?
Engage brain before activating mouth
Walking is great to enable thinking, but lay off the text messages whilst you are doing it.
Don’t just accept things, even obvious things without thinking about them.
Go for a long walk.
Have a look for a Philosophy book that suits your taste
(and of course, read and think about it).
Jamie Whyte discusses bad thinking in a very constructive way. Constructive that is to good thinking. His book: Bad Thoughts, a guide to clear thinking: is an interesting read. This is the link to the amazon sale item in the UK. Do read some of the critics on the Amazon site but don't let them put you off. The critics are interesting as well.
Sometimes the things that wise people have said can make a big difference to the way we think (if you let them). Try this web page about knowledge quotations and have a goo think about them.
Use this driving analogy