Here are some things that I find interesting:
Personally, I think people who are really interested in something are themselves interesting, even if the thing they are interested in does not interest me.
Boring is an interesting word. It refers to things that YOU are not interested in.
One person finds something boring and another person finds the same thing interesting.
What are you interested in?
Being interested does not mean just watching something or saying that you are interested, it means doing something and learning lots.
The game of life: Try this web site to get you thinking before doing something.
Langton's Ant: This is similar to the game of life but even more simple. Take a look here.
There are other things which are similar to these examples which you can write your own computer programs to simulate. Why not invent your own automata and write a program to make it work.
I like Artificial Intelligence and it's a great time to be interested in that topic. When I say like it, I like writing programs which exhibit just a little bit of intelligence as well as finding out about the latest work in that area.
I also like electronics and microprocessor control and making things and drawing and playing musical instruments (or trying to) and trying to understand maths and thinking about knowledge, learning and wisdom and learning about space and cognitive neuroscience (but I don't build brains) but most of all I like thinking and sometimes writing down my thoughts.
I also like to hear about things that other people are interested in.